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Streamline referrals system with realtime dashboard not relying on faxing or phones.

Call Center with Automatic tasks setup options and personalized dashboard for each employee.


Referral Service

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Intelligent Office Suite Dashboard

Call Center Dashboard with our callcenter

Is it easier to answer four phone calls or four text messages

Because insurance companies are requiring prior authorizations and pre-certifications, access to healthcare is being delayed.

This has required an office to establish a customer service call center. Most offices are now getting 75-150 phone calls a day.

Use our automated dashboard and call center. This will allow our staff to handle your phone calls and your staff can handle task assigned to them thru the dashboard.

We convert a 5 – 15 minutes phone call into a 1 minute message.                                 

Our staff can also be trained to answer most questions patients have without the involvement of your staff.

Outsourcing of daily task

Staff burned out from multi-tasking things not associated with patient care.

Filing documents has become a full time job. Progress notes from specialist, radiology reports, and labs to name a few. We provide software and employees to take this off your hands.

Medical record request. We handle it for you.

Referrals- we process these request for you. We also have a digital referral software that eliminates faxes and phone calls.

Patient results- we have software combined with outsourcing to get patients their results of testing done both within and outside of your office.

We can combine technology and outsourcing at a lower cost to handle just about any task in your office outside of patient care. And the bonus is we manage these employees.

Intelligent Office Suite Dashboard

Referral Dashboard

Realtime, No fax. No phone

Referrals currently require faxing and phone calls. Faxes are not being received and it’s difficult to call into an office because of a busy phone line.

This leads to frustrated patients, referrals not being processed and care being missed.

We streamline this process by sending request thru our dashboard. Face sheets and all information are attached, not faxed.

Communication between office occurs thru our dashboard using our communication portal.

Intelligent Office Suite

Intelligent Office Suite Dashboard

Call center Software without our call center

Using paper to distribute messages around the office? Instead, use our callcenter dashboard for your call center or in-house staff answering phones. Once your staff creates the message and selects the reason for the call, the software automatically sends the message to the person that’s assigned to handle that task or reason.

Multiple calls from the same person? No worries. The thread of that patient’s call continues until that case is closed. Eliminating multiple notes. The software also remembers the patient information for next call, eliminating the need to re-enter the patients demographics again.

The software contains a interoffice messaging system. All staff members can see the log of what has been done for this request as each staff member documents the actions that they have taken to handle this case. There notes are timed, dated and stamped with their name for accountability.

Intelligent Office Suite Features

Call Center/Dashboard

Our slogan is, “Is it easier to answer four text messages or four phones calls at one time?”. Phone calls are outsourced to a call center and a dashboard is used to communicate the reasons for the calls to in house staff.

Scheduling appointments

If desired, call center staff can be trained to make appointments for patients when they call into the office.

Outsourcing of Daily Task

Let out staff handle daily task in your office thru software to let your staff focus on patient care.

Referral Dashboard

Two referral dashboards are created. One is created for in house referrals. Second dashboard allows you to send referrals for services (including but not limited to imaging centers, specialist and physical therapy) thru our realtime dashboard without requiring a phone or fax.


This is a service that allows an office to send out unlimited appointment reminders to patients for appointments.

Phone app

Phone app connects the patient to this whole process thru the use of their smart phone.


Call center and support staff.

Making Referrals

  • Unlimited Users

Referral Service Dashboard

From $199 per month
  • Up to 5 providers
  • Unlimited Users
  • Reporting
  • Setup fee
$199 Per Month

Callcenter Dashboard

From $250 per month
  • Users
  • Administrator
  • Reporting
  • Virtual Assistant
    Per request
  • Setup fee
$250 Per Month


Callcenter and support staff price based on call volume and services offered.

Intelligent Office Suite Dashboard

Story of Evaluation

Insurance companies require prior authorization and precertification for medicine , radiographic studies, and referrals to specialist. This has almost purposely delayed access to healthcare. Offices now get more phone calls about the status of these delayed services. A referral and a prescription were previously a phone call and a referral slip. More staff are needed to handle this problem and overhead has increased. The frustration of this situation gave birth to intelligent office suite. We use technology and outsourcing to make an office more efficient and lower overhead.
Automated Customer Services

Our slogan is, “Is it easier to answer four text messages or four phones calls at one time?”. Phone calls are outsourced to a call center and a dashboard is used to communicate the reasons for the calls to in house staff.


Intelligent Office Suite creates accountability in the office by automatically assigning task to employees who have to document that they completed the task. Each employee will have their own dashboard with their assigned task.

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