Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants will relieve your staff of frustrating administrative and regulatory duties that interfere with patient care and increase costs.

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Call-Center Software

Use our automated dashboard or combine it with our call center. This will allow our staff to handle your phone calls and your staff can handle task assigned to them thru the dashboard.

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Referral Software

Referrals currently require faxing and phone calls. We streamline this process by sending request thru our dashboard. Face-sheets and all information are attached, not faxed.

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Our Services

More About Available Services

Intelligent Office Suite comes with a number of services to help manage patient care in a more efficient manner.

Apart from main services of Referrals, Call-Center & Virtual Assistant, Intelligent Office Suite offers a number of services that help you with your daily tasks.

These services help you automate many time consuming tasks of daily routine saving your precious time so that you can focus on your important work.

  • Send Referral Online
  • SMS & Email Services
  • Billing Services
  • Expense Records & Reports
  • Analytics
  • Patient Management
  • ICD & CPT Codes Lookup
  • Regular & Secure Text
  • Patient Portal

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Intelligent Office Suite

Below are some highlights of our services that you get with your Intelligent Office Suite account.

Send referrals without fax machine even to those who are not using our software.

Send messages & reminders via emails & texts to patients.

Generate patient bills based on diagnosis & procedures with option to print, download & email.

Your patients get access to patient portal to request appointments, communicate with office & pay bills.

A complete patient management system with appointments, bills, measures history, measures due and more.

Track productivity and ancillary usage of providers within the office.

Digital referrals automatically sent to medical specialists. We eliminate the need for cumbersome paperwork. All referrals tracked and updated regularly.

Allows patients easy access by phone to check in, pay copay if needed and communicate with front desk which avoids long waits.

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