Intelligent Referral Software streamlines connections between physicians, home health, physical therapy, DME, imaging, sleep centers, hospice and more.
Our HIPAA-compliant platform provides automatic appointment reminders, secure document sharing, and real-time updates to simplify transition between care settings.

Home Health
Physical Therapy

Digital, Real-time, No FAX, No Phone, No Paper.

Realtime referrals are digitally processed with no faxing or phone calls.

Better care for patients with fast referral response and efficient follow-up.

Requests are sent thru a dashboard with face sheets & documents attached - not faxed.

Communication between offices occurs thru the communication portal.

Centralized Referral Dashboard

  • Centralized Electronic Referral Management
  • Effortless Fax-to-Digital Conversion
  • Real-Time Referral Status Updates for Senders
  • Attach Documents Securely
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement and Staff Productivity
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders with Office Location and Map Guidance

Secure Text

  • HIPAA Compliance: Ensure patient data security.
  • Time Efficiency: Minimize phone calls and voicemails.
  • Patient Engagement, Staff Productivity: Keep everyone involved.
  • Quick Communication: Timely care coordination.
  • Real-time Updates: Instant sharing of critical info.
  • Multimedia Sharing: Secure exchange for accurate treatment.

Appointment Reminders

  • Patients receive automatic reminders with office location and map guidance.
  • Decreased No-Show Rates: Auto reminders reduce missed appointments, optimizing clinic schedules and resources.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Reminders involve patients, promoting active appointment and health management.
  • Efficient Clinics: Fewer no-shows lead to smoother operations, shorter waits, and happier patients.
  • Admin Efficiency: Automation cuts manual work, letting staff focus on important tasks.
  • Staff Optimization: Staff focus on care, improving resource allocation and job satisfaction.

Why you should improve your referral process.


42% of patients lack the care they need and destination providers are not realizing the revenue that could be available to them.


50% of revenue is lost due to leakage, depriving an average health system up to $2M per employed PCP each year.


Missed or delayed diagnoses account for 25% of malpractice claims due to mishandling of patients between providers.


55% of referring physicians report dissatisfaction and concern for patient care due to the lack of timely progress updates post referral.

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